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capacious 事務局
c/o office N
〒540-0012 大阪市中央区谷町5-6-7 中川ビル3-B
Capacious aims to introduce artworks produced by people with disabilities living in Osaka. We chose “capacious” as our project title, representing it through the symbolic image of a large bag with no compartments.
We would like to take this project as an opportunity to re-consider the potential of art when experienced without the baggage of conventional trajectories defining contemporary art or limitations of language. We hope to build connections between two groups of people – the first one being artists, their families, and institutions they belong to; the second group will include art professionals and art patrons. We hope to cultivate new relationships among them, and encourage more people to collect artworks through our project.


From April 2018 Consigned project by Osaka Prefectural Government
Stared in July 2015 Cooperated with Osaka Foundation For Community Walfare with supported by a regional welfare grant from the Osaka Foundation of Welfare
c/o office N
3B Nakagawa Bldg., 5-6-7 Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
540-0012 JAPAN
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