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capacious (以下「当プロジェクト」)では、当サイト(において提供するサービス(メールマガジンの配信、イベント予約受付、作品問い合わせ、各種問い合わせ等)の運営に必要な範囲で、ユーザーの情報を収集しています。当プロジェクトでは、個人情報の保護に最大限の注意を払い、その収集・保存・利用に関しては、利用目的の範囲内で適切に取り扱います。当プロジェクトの個人情報に対する考え方、管理については、以下のプライバシーポリシーを定めています。

1. 個人情報とは


2. 個人情報の収集・利用目的について

  • capaicousに関するメールマガジンの配信やダイレクトメールの発送。
  • 作品問い合わせ、その他お問い合わせに対する回答。
  • 当プロジェクトが協力するアートの展覧会、イベントのご案内に関するメールマガジンの配信やダイレクトメールの発送。

3. 個人情報の管理について


4. 個人情報の第三者への提供について


  • 情報の提供に伴って、特に第三者への開示・提供についての承諾を提供者から得ている場合。
  • 提供者が第三者に不利益を及ぼすと判断した場合。
  • 裁判所、検察庁、警察、弁護士会及び、これらに準じた権限を有する機関から、個人情報の開示・提供を求められた場合。
  • 法令に基づいて開示・提供が許可されている場合。
  • 業務を円滑に進めるため、個人情報の利用を含む業務の一部を外部へ委託する場合(この場合は委託先へ個人情報の厳重管理を義務付け、監督します)。

5. 個人情報の確認・訂正・削除等について


6. 個人情報・プライパシーポリシーに関するお問い合わせについて



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Privacy policy

Capacious (hereinafter “Site Operator”) collects user information to the extent required for running the services (including e-mail magazines, information provision and handling inquiries) provided on the Capacious Website ( The Site Operator complies with legislation and codes of conduct concerning the protection of personal information, puts in place internal structures for the protection of personal information, and makes ongoing improvements, including reviews of the privacy policy provided in this document (hereinafter “Privacy Policy”). It also pays utmost attention to the protection of personal information, and in the collection, preservation, and use of personal information, it handles the information appropriately and only to the extent determined by the purpose of use. The Site Operator’s approach to personal information and to the management of personal information is set out in the Privacy Policy provisions below.

1. Definition of personal information

In this Privacy Policy, personal information is defined as information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, or other descriptions provided by users through the Capacious Website that can be used to identify an individual user, or information that can be used to identify an individual by means of numbers or symbols pertaining to the individual. Personal information also includes information concerning a person that cannot be used independently to identify an individual, but that allows easy reference to other information resulting in being able to identify an individual.

2. Collection and purpose of use of personal information

  • To send e-mail magazines and direct mail regarding Capacious events.
  • The answer to inquiries.
  • To send e-mail magazines and direct mail regarding on art exhibitions and events which Capacious engaged, with in an appropriate manner.

3. Management of personal information

The Site Operator endeavors to, and takes measures necessary to, prevent unauthorized access to personal information and situations such as loss, damage, falsification, or leakage of personal information. Personal information that is no longer required is promptly disposed of or deleted.

4. Provision of personal information to third parties

The Site Operator will not disclose or provide a user’s personal information to third parties. However, in the following cases, personal information may be provided without the information provider’s agreement.

  • When specific consent to disclose or provide information to third parties has been obtained in association with the individual’s provision of information
  • When it is judged that the information provider may subject the third party to disadvantage
  • When disclosure or provision of personal information is requested by a court, public prosecutor’s office, police, bar association, or other entity having equivalent authority
  • When law permits the disclosure or provision
  • When part of the website’s operations, including the use of personal information, is contracted to a service provider to facilitate operation. (In such cases, the contractor will be required to manage the personal information rigorously, and compliance will be supervised.)

5. Checking, correcting, and deleting personal information

When the person providing personal information requests disclosure, correction, deletion, or other action concerning that personal information, the Site Operator will promptly confirm the particulars and take action.

6. Inquiry

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